Quality motor parts for ALL vehicles at discounted prices! Wide range of tools & accessories! Quality GUARANTEES on ALL parts supplied! Stockists of top quality brands! For service parts, clutch kits, brake pads & discs, shock a

Major Services on ALL makes of cars, LDV's & 4x4's! Diagnostically & mechanically equipped to handle all kinds of major & minor repairs! Electrical repairs no problem! 3 months / 10000 km warranty on ALL work undertaken!

Major service includes replacement of oil filter, air filter, spark plugs (excluding platinum), 50 point inspection, engine wash (selected vehicles) and car wash

Cylinder head overhaul including skimming, set valves, reface valves, and replace valve stem seals

Full range of automotive and truck batteries with free fitment. Brands include Bosch, Willard, Taurus and KTek

Tyres fitted and balanced at great prices

Complete engine overhauls on all vehicles including engineering

Repairs to exhaust systems and silencer replacement

Repairs and overhauls to all vehicle power steering pumps and steering racks with 1 year warranty

Repairs to propshafts and complete propshaft overhauls

Replacement of CV joints and driveshafts on all makes and models

Removal and software delete of DPF on all diesel vehicles with problematic and blocked DPF's causing vehicles to go into limp mode

On Board vehicle diagnostics using the latest OBD software and scan tools used to read fault codes and scan errors off your vehicle as well as diagnose warning lights on your vehicle

Electrical fault finding and repairs to all electrical systems include vehicle wiring, circuits, fan electrics, light circuits, wiper motors, alternator and starter repairs

Replacement of engine mountings, gearbox mountings, shock mountings and exhaust hangers.

Complete headlight restoration for stained and discoloured plastic headlights. 1 year guarantee. Beware of cheap imitations.

Mag repair and refurbishment done on all alloy rims including diamond cut rims. Repair scratches, curb rash and pothole damage

3D Wheel Allignment on all vehicles

Repairs to all suspension components including shocks, tie rod ends, rack ends, ball joints, stabilizer links, control arms, shock mountings, control arm bushes and wheel allignment

Services include brake checks, brake fluid service, fitment of brake pads, brake discs, brake drums, brake shoes, wheel cylinders, brake boosters, brake calipers and brake master cylinders. Disc and Drum skimming done on all models.

Proffesional Clutch replacement using superior quality parts, fit clutch kit, skim flywheel, replace clutch master cylinder, replace clutch slave cylinder. LUK, Sachs and Valeo

An aircon regas is simply the topping up of refrigerant in the air conditioning system. The process of re-gassing the AC is much like topping up with oil. Beware of cheap regassing which causes damage to your aircon system.